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Atlantic Crossover is the renewed version and second wave of A 'Tribute to Atlantic Jazz' who after over 6 years of being apart have revived the project and are now taking the original idea and concept to deeper depths. Still retaining its appealing soulful driving front line power combined with a dynamic and exciting rhythm section, expect to be taken on a journey further into the Atlantic Sound.




                                     The line up features some of the Uk's leading Jazz Instrumentalists, the band are:



                                             Mark Chandler /Steve Parry - Trumpet           Jamil Sherriff - Piano          


                                             Jim Corry - Alto Sax                                     Richard Hammond - Bass


                                             Stuart McDonald - Tenor Sax                         Dave Walsh - Drums


                                             James Russell - Baritone Sax

The first album by A Tribute to Atlantic Jazz 'One by One' was recorded live over three nights, with the aim of capturing the authentic Atlantic big band-like sound and ensemble power whilst still offering a deceptively loose framework for individual solos and improvisation.  The ensemble was put together by Jim Corry and James Russell to pay tribute to the record label that in the 1960's and early 70's embraced the period of 'soul jazz', and with it a new generation of jazz musicians emerging at this time. The intention of the ensemble was do just that. To honour these musicians and the musical legacy they left, to perform some of their arrangements alongside some new and original ones and to present a swinging, soulful programme that had an instinctive emotional appeal and bringing their unique style of jazz to a wider audience. The recording is dedicated to the memory of David Fathead Newman, Hank Crawford, and Freddie Hubbard whose music and influence inspired this project. To order a copy please visit the contact page, cart and purchasing coming soon.

"The main event was A Tribute to Atlantic Jazz. The Musicianship was exciting, the delivery perfect and tinged with a sense of showmanship and humour. The boys know their stuff and revel in delivering it"

                             - Scarborough Evening News (Scarborough Jazz Festival Review)

New recordings and videos of Atlantic Crossover will be added soon including information about the new album, itunes link, amazon link, booking info, more images, press pack and reviews.